Although the Rallye Monte Carlo Classique will be starting from Banbury we will be continuing the now traditional Monte Heritage Runs. There will be a run from Glasgow to Banbury, visiting traditional Monte Passage Controls such as Barnby Moor. The Start will be early on the morning of Friday 29 January 2021 meeting at Blythswood Square with an option of attending the pre-rallye dinner on Friday evening in Banbury. 


There will also be a Heritage Run on Saturday 30 January starting from the Start Ramp after the Classique cars leave for Monte Carlo.
One of our ERDC club members, David Lucas, who lives in the area, is working on an interesting route, with a motorsport theme.

Regulations and Entry Forms for the Heritage Runs will be published later in the year. The events will be run in compliance with all Government and Motorstport UK regulations and guidance in place at that time. Those coming from Glasgow would be welcome to enter the Heritage Run from Banbury.
We are working on the assumption that it will be safe to run events and to travel in the UK and Europe in January.

In the meantime, keep safe and get working on preparing your classic.